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Being a consultant allows me the opportunity to hear many stories about earlier building campaigns that were failures. Most of the time I do not hear these stories until I have agreed to take on the church as a client. Then the story unfolds. Usually the reason for the failure is penned on the pastor, the consultant, or the older people in the congregation who just did not think we needed any more buildings.

However, I have never heard the reason for failure explained as “there was too much emphasis given to the vision”! The truth is, the reason many campaigns fail is that the campaign is about the building or land. A campaign is not about your buildings–it is always about your vision. People will not give sacrificially for a building, but they will for a vision.

Buildings exist only for the purpose of helping a church accomplish the vision that God has given them. There is no other justification for a building. When the focus of a building campaign is the building–the vision is blurred.

Every church has a core group of people who have embraced the vision. For the most part, this group does not need a campaign. They know the vision, they understand it, and they totally support it. All they need is a commitment card.

A campaign is for those who have not embraced the vision. A key purpose of the campaign is to enlarge the group of people who have caught the vision. People give to a vision, not to a building.

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