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A Pastor’s View of a PCC Campaign


Working with Lamar Slay and Partners in Church Consulting is unlike any capital campaign we have ever embarked on . . . mainly because it wasn’t one!  Instead Lamar led me, as Lifegate Church’s Point Man, along with all of our leaders on a very simple, doable journey to help our people experience an unprecedented level of purpose, unity, and vision which hasn’t let up but only continues to increase.

We were faced with trusting God to inspire our people to make a two-year commitment to trust Him for at least 3 million dollars and had 4 short months to do it because of our closing schedule. When we asked if he thought it was even possible he responded by saying, “if you’re committed and willing to work hard, God can do anything.”

At our commitment service people gave $900,000 in cash and made commitments with that amount included which totaled 4 million dollars.  We are now a year and two months into the journey and are right on schedule to see the commitments met on time. In addition, our general fund giving has increased over 14.2% over this time last year. Are you ready for a change that is both positive and produces?  Please consider working with Lamar on your next project.

With Deep Gratitude for Lamar Slay and Partners in Church Consulting,

Pastor Les Beauchamp,  Senior Pastor

Lifegate Church

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