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Southern Baptist Convention (Part 2)


If you did not read PArt 1 check it out here.

The big reason is FEAR!


  1. Fear of offending some one. Many decisions of change that could result in seeing the truly unchurched reached are never made because leadership fears they will offend “long time” members. What is offensive is the fact that most of these “long time” members never lead anyone to Christ!


  1. Fear loosing people. The truth is, we loose people every Sunday when we continue to do church the way we did it 40 years ago.  God knew we would not be smart enough to alter the message—so He made it perfect and unchangeable.  But, after endowing us with creativity, intelligence, and common sense, He did entrust to us the job of sharing that perfect message. Why would He not expect us to use all the tools He gave us to figure out the best way to present the message to people who need to hear it? I am not talking about the method being traditional or contemporary,  I am talking about it being effective


  1. Fear of work. I am still looking for the verse of grace that says it is ok to spend as much time in the local Starbucks as we do sharing Christ with a lost world!  Most church staffs lack accountability. Personnel committees put up with ineffective, lazy staff members who they would never put up with in their own personal businesses.  Their money appears to be more important to them than the stewardship of God’s money


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