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Southern Baptist Convention: Where is Everybody? (Pt.1)


The Southern Baptist Convention—how did we get in the shape we’re in?

I have been attending the Southern Baptist Convention this week for the first time in many years. How things have changed. I am asking the same question many pastors ask every Sunday—where is everybody? In my opinion, the “where is everybody” questions seems to be a lot more important than the “how to get rid of the gay scouts” questions. Don’t get me wrong, the issue facing the Boy Scouts is one that Baptist –and all Christ followers—should address.

But in years past when our vision was strong, our passion for influencing the world was unmatched by any cult, and our Leaders led us to focus on winning the lost over all other causes, the scouts would have feared our reaction to their decision more than they feared the repercussion of a small but loud group of scout leaders who are using boys to further their cause.  What brought us to this point of weakness? What brought us to the point of dreading the day the numbers from the previous year are released?  What brought us to the point of our baptisteries being filled with smooth waters?

I realize that there are a lot of incredible young SBC pastors who are creative, innovative, and highly committed to reaching this world for Christ, however, most of them are too busy to come sit thru 2 days of reports that could be posted on a web site for their review and vote. That is the forward thinking that often is missing from the SBC thought process.


While I have had the pleasure of serving on the staff of and consulting with some of the finest pastors Southern Baptist have, I have also seen Southern Baptist churches that are dead, without vision, and have baptistery waters that never ripple. I am afraid that our numbers say that this is the norm.  The big question is WHY?  (Part 2 will address my thoughts on the reasons)

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