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Church Construction ReDefined 2012


Why another conference? In 2004 when I founded Partners In Church Consulting, one of the driving factors was to help churches avoid the train wrecks that were often the end product of building projects.

 Reasons for the train wrecks:

  1. Poor Planning: Churches often are not led to do a quality assessment of their needs or their financial capacity. It is often very difficult for church leadership to separate their needs from their wants.
  2. Poor Selection Criteria: Construction companies and architecture firms are often selected based on the “slickness” of their presentations rather than on their body of work.
  3. Poor Team Leadership: In the traditional process, the architect is chosen first and the contractor is brought in once the design is complete. This greatly reduces the ability of the contractor, who is responsible for the final cost, to influence the cost of the project.

 Church Construction ReDefined presents a new paradigm in church construction. You will learn how your church can experience a true assessment of your needs and what your real financial capacity is. You will meet a team of professionals who have developed a process of design and construction that was developed specifically for churches. This process has resulted in millions of dollars in church facilities being completed, all within budget. You will learn how to choose the best construction team for your church and the best leadership structure for your team.

 Best of all, the conference is free to the first 20 churches who register.  To find out if your qualify to attend, go to

 Avoid the Train Wreck!

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