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“How to Make Debt Reduction Campaigns Exciting”


Most pastors and churches experience anything but excitement when it comes to debt reduction capital campaigns. Talk to the typical capital campaign company and they will tell you that debt reduction money is “the hardest money to raise”.  The truth is, it is hard to get anyone excited about a campaign that does not include a new site for relocation or a new worship or childrens facility.

Obviously the funds to pay down debt is the primary result of a debt reduction campaign, but here are 5 other exciting results that come from a successfully planned and implemented capital campaign to deal with debt.

  1.  Increase the number of your people who embrace the vision God has given your church.  Our philosophy at PCC is that every campaign should be about the vision, not the building. Your facilities exist only as they assist your church in accomplishing the vision God has given you.  A debt reduction campaign allows you to totally focus the attention on the vision. It allows you to recast the vision in creative ways and greatly increase the number of your people who “get it”!
  2.   Free up funds to support current or future ministries.  An obvious result is to free up cash flow that is going to mortgage payments to be used for ministry.  With the economy where it has been the last few years, many churches are struggling financially. Even in a down economy, most churches should see an increase in their regular giving as a result of a properly executed capital campaign. This is in addition to the funds raised in the campaign.
  3. Fund special projects. The cash offering of a debt reduction campaign can be a great opportunity to fund a special mission project, a renovation project, or even the start-up of a satellite campus. Many times these type projects have to be postponed in a down economy or if the church is struggling with their debt load.
  4. Strengthen the core leadership.  In a capital campaign much time has to be spent in “selling” the project to the congregation. A debt reduction campaign allows you to invest that time in leading your leaders and potential leaders to embrace the vision.  The time sent here will pay great dividends long term in the ministry of your church.
  5. Position your church for future projects.  Many churches have large expansion projects in their not so distant future. Few plan to accomplish these projects without some debt. With the recent changes in the banking industry, churches are finding it harder and harder to get the financing needed for these large projects with their current debt load, even if it is manageable.  By doing a “short term” debt reduction campaign, a church can position itself to get the necessary funding it will need for the future project.

Visit to find out more about PCC led capital campaign.

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