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PCC is Changing the way churches contract for Capital Campaign Assistance


It is a new day for churches when it comes to getting outside help with Capital Campaigns. PCC has been a leader in reducing the fees charged for assisting churches with Capital Campaigns. The Campaign Coach is another leap in reducing your cost. Most pastors need help in 3 areas when it comes to campaigns: 1. Knowledge of best campaign practices 2. Creativity in communicating the vision 3. Accountability for his volunteers & staff.

There is a term in the “campaign industry” called perceived value. This comes from the idea of charging enormous fees and therefore having to make it appear that the church is getting a lot of “stuff” to justify the big fee. Examples of this are non-essiential trips, multiple consultants (usually the extra consultants are new guys being trained at the churches expenses), a very large notebook, of which only about 5% is actually necessary or used, and great promises of follow-up that are never kept.

While there are some companies that do a great job, many are still doing campaigns the way they did them years ago without taking advantage of the latest communications technology and other advances. As you probably have realized, several companies who used to be leaders in this field are no longer around or, if they still exist, or no longer viable.

If the things I have mentioned resonate with you, the Campaign Coach may be for you and your church. This can save your church thousands of dollars. It will give you a team of seasoned veterans who understand campaigns, communication, and how to cast your vision. You will have access to your coach throughout the process and an incredible graphic artist to do all the design of your print pieces. All this for under $20,000.

There are obviously a limited number of “spot” available for this program in an limited number of cities. To find out the details and if there is a training location near you, go to

PCC wants to be your coach!

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