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I Put Jesus Back In The Box Today


I put Jesus back in the box today. Today was the day. Shortly after Christmas my wife diligently took all of the Christmas decorations down and put them into the garage. Since it takes 2 pick-ups and a trailer to haul the decorations from the storage unit to the house and back, I generally put the return trip off as long as I can. There is no complaining here, just reporting the facts. Some of the decorations exist solely to give me something to haul around at Christmas; they never make it farther than the garage.

Some of the unused decorations are ones made by my mother-in-law in past years and could never be discarded, and then there are those that every year just make “honorable mention”. They somehow deserve the ride, but it stops there. They don’t make the cut. They are never seen!

So today was the day of this annual ritual. Once the key to storage is found, which is always an adventure, the caravan back to the storage unit commences! The most challenging item is a very large statue of baby Jesus.

You cannot break the baby Jesus. If you do you will not go to Heaven, you don’t pass go, you go straight to hell. Great care is taken to secure baby Jesus and all other breakables. There is also the large container of wrapping paper that will have to wait until next year. By the way, if said wrapping paper is not properly secured in the back of a pick-up, you can wrap the entire street. You’ve been warned.

Now it is time to unload. But before that can begin, the annual rearranging of the priceless items I pay to store must happen to make room for baby Jesus and friends. How the junk in the storage unit grows between Thanksgiving and mid-January is a miracle within itself.

So, it is time to make room for baby Jesus.

Things that have to be moved are:
• 400 Bennie Babies-when they make their comeback, I will cash in!
• The giant futon bed that I will never assemble again
• The adult child’s belongings—the nest is not empty until their junk is out of your storage!
• Books, books, books, books,–aren’t there some kids in Africa that need a library?
• Furniture—if the adult children ever leave, their apartment will be well furnished. Wouldn’t want lack of furniture to be a deterrent!
• More books!
• Stuffed animals: A farm that makes old MacDonald’s look like a petting zoo.
• Sporting equipment: this justifies the existence of the storage unit. Good stuff. Needed stuff!

Behind all this, the baby Jesus in the box is placed. He will be fine until we bring Him out again next year.

Where do you keep Jesus? How often do you bring Him out? Is He seen by the world or do you keep Him in a box? What is He behind in your life?

Is He in a box behind the junk or on the throne of your life?

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