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First Time Guest Reception


How successful are you at getting unchurched, first time guest to your guest reception after your worship services. There are two key factors in your being successful.

First, who do the guests get to meet? Outgoing friendly lay men and women are great. That sharp, vision understanding, committed, programming genius, staff person is good in certain situations. He or she can even represent you well in the right setting.

But there is absolutely no substitute for the Senior Pastor. He is who they want to meet. They want to shake his hand and know that he is real. For many, this exchange is the only thing standing between them and your new member class. This gives you the opportunity to meet that need. Senior Pastors, this is an opportunity to make an investment that will pay big dividends.

Second, What are you giving away? As I have conducted “secrete shopper” visits to a number of churches, I am amazed at what I see churches give away to the unchurched guest who visit them. The “special gift” that is announced in the services many times is not so special. From ugly coffee mugs to worship CDs to left over camp T-shirts to the church newsletter to pens that don’t write are offered up. Wouldn’t those items make you want to run to the reception!

Let me make a suggestion. Give them something they have never been given in a church. Something they will tell their friends about around the water cooler on Monday. Make it something useful. Give them something that is non-spiritual. Give them a jar of salsa and a bag of chips. You will be amazed. Your numbers at the reception will increase and you will be the talk of the office tomorrow.

Save the CDs for Christmas presents!  You may have to put up a “Guest Only” sign.

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