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Mark Batterson is Primal!


Mark Batterson issues a strong call to the Christians of this generation to discover the basics of the faith. In an age where believers hop from church to church in search of the deeper experience or a new motivator to holiness, Mark calls us back to the “Primal” state of faith. The state that saw the early believers not looking for a “convenient” gospel but experiencing how “inconvenient it can be to follow in the footsteps of Christ”

This “Primal” state of faith is summed up with the Great Commandment, “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” This is the core of our faith, the motivation of our walk. A commitment to this command results in radically changed lives. Mark concludes that “we are not great at the Great Commandment”.

“Primal” challenges us to get serious about being serious about the basics. To take the “Great Commandment” as a commandment and not a suggestion. He emphasizes the necessity of the Holy Spirit empowering and leading while placing a high importance on our investing our own “sweat equity” in the Kingdom. The pit many of us are in is not shared with a lion on a snowy night, but a spirit of hibernation and drowsiness that keeps us inactive and ineffective when it comes to making a difference in our world. “Primal” will challenge you to re-evaluate how you are living and the impact you are having and lead you back to the primal spiritual state you experienced immediately following your salvation experienced.

“Primal” is not a book to buy for those in your Bible Study group, it is a book you buy for yourself, first. It is a personal call to power and effectiveness thru a return to THE commandment. Whether he is telling us about “Captain Underpants” or the indescribable magnificence of God, Mark Batterson communicates what he has heard from that same God to each of us. Don’t miss what what He has to say!

Don’t miss what God has to say to you. Start this new decade by letting “Primal-A quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity” be the first book you read. Get your copy at

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