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The 30 Minute Worship Service


If you don’t like contemporary music, topical preaching, and the NIV, you are going to hate this: The 30 minute worship service. (Sorry Mom.) This is not to replace your normal worship services. It is not selling out to a convenient Gospel. It is not being liberal. It is not being lazy. It is not compromising or going soft on sin. It is not the answer for dead churches. It is not the key to growth. It is not for every church.

It is an idea that could give your church one more tool to reach one more lost person in your community. Or maybe the first lost person you’ve reached in a while. It gives you more seats and car parks. Oh yea. It cost you NOTHING!

It is a tool. Another hook in the water to reach the lost.

Here is how you use the 30 minutes.

6-7 minutes Music

20 minutes Message

3-4 Minutes Wrap-up

Who is this for? It is for the lost husband of the young wife who has been praying for and begging him to go to church with her. He just might give her 30 minutes. It is for the senior adult who can’t sit for an hour without being very uncomfortable. It is for the traditionalist who doesn’t like the music anyway. It is for the staff who doesn’t get to sit in a worship service with their spouse. It is for the people who, if they came to one of the regular services, couldn’t find a parking space or a seat.

It is for that lost person who just might hear the pastor for 20 minutes and like what he hears. As a matter of fact, he might just come to a “full” service. It is for that person the Holy Spirit has been wooing to Christ.

It is an entry level worship time with minimum services. No childcare. No youth services. No normal worship service rules. No videos. No announcements  (that will draw a crowd by itself)! And no longer than an integrity protecting advertised 30 minutes.

It is an opportunity to preach the gospel to an audience that, without this service, you might never reach. It is an opportunity to “sell” your regular services to a group of people who need to hear about a Savior who was more interested in their salvation than His own comfort level.

This could be a chance to tell them about a Christ who did things totally different than the popular “church” people of His time. This could be an opportunity to “be all things to all people”. This could be a risk worth taking. We often talk about “thinking outside the box”. This is crawling out of the box of tradition and conformity and into the realm of doing whatever it takes to reach people.

It is certainly not God’s will for every church to use this tool. It is, however, God’s will that every church be aggressive in discovering the tools God wants them to use to reach the lost.

At least spend 30 minutes today asking God to show you one new tool to use in reaching your world for Christ. Mark Evans at did and now he has The Rock Creek 30.

Tell us about your idea!

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