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Worship Service Options: Why Monday night makes sense


If you are in a growing church, sooner or later you will have to make a decision to have a service at a time other than Sunday morning.  Knowing that my own mother questions my salvation because I like to attend my church’s Saturday night service, I will stray even further into the dark side by suggesting that there is another time that might also work.  While Saturday nights has been very successful in many situations and will continue to be used as an alternative to Sunday, Monday night is another good option.

One of the big negatives of a Saturday night service is the toll it takes on the staff. Unless a church has an entirely different team for Saturday, the staff is called on to work another day. A Monday night service is much better in that regard.  Monday is a work day for most staffs and thus to do a service on Monday night is much easier than Saturday night.

There is also an attendance advantage in a Monday night service. If a family goes out-of-town for the weekend, they will more than likely be gone Saturday and Sunday. However, most people have to be back for work on Monday.  Therefore, they will be available for a Monday night service. If you live in an area where outdoor activities are big, Monday night could be an answer and a great tool.

Financially, there is a benefit as well. Since the vast majority of our people are not committed tithers, most non-tithers who  give, give only when they attend. When they miss a weekend, they do not make that contribution up the next time they return. They simply give their regular amount. If they attend on a Monday night, they likely will give what they would have given on the Sunday. This service has the potential to be one of your highest per person giving services of the weekend if you lead your regular attenders to come on Monday if they miss the Sunday service.

It is very important that a Monday night service run on a tight time schedule and ends on time for those who have school age children.  For those where children are not an issue, it can be a great opportunity to take an unchurched family or friend to dinner and then church.

My friend, Mark Evans, Sr. Pastor of The Church At Rock Creek in Little Rock, AR, ( has been doing Monday night church very successfully for several years.  It is “another hook” in the water to reach the lost. While there are issues with every service time that will have to be worked out, Monday night may be one of the answers for your church.

Sorry Mom!

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