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The D-Now Miracle


This week-end we hosted 11 6th grade girls and their leader for a disciple now weekend in our home. Having been in Student Ministry for over 25 years, we love students of all sizes and shapes, even 6th grade girls. As we approached the weekend, the church called to let us know that one of the college leaders would not be able to make it because of staph infection. We would only have one leader.

The leader that would be leading the group in our home was relatively new to student ministry. She was a young lady who had struggled in school. As a matter of fact the doctors had originally told her parents that she might not even be able to attend school. She had had over 18 surgeries, numerous illnesses, and had not spoken until she was 3, and then only thru hours of speech therapy. Life seemed to be a constant struggle and now college was proving to be even harder.

My wife and I wondered if she would be able to handle this, or would we have to step in to ensure the girls had a good experience. Why had the church not assigned someone else to step in and help? The thought of having to handle the discipline of 11 6th grade girls for the weekend was not appealing.

As we began to watch this college student take charge and lead the weekend, our fears had no foundation. I sat outside the room where see was leading the session and realized I would not have much to do this weekend. She had it under control. The girls respected her and responded to her. It was more than OK. It was very good.

What makes this special for us is that we were there when the doctors told us she might never walk or talk and or be able to attend school. My wife, Cindy, took her to hour after hour of therapy and would not believe the doctors when they said “she can’t do this”. She spent 2-3 hours every night of her school life helping her learn the material.

This leader was our 22 year old daughter, Brittany. The doctors forgot to tell her a lot of things that she would not be able to do. She recently told me that she thought God was calling her into student ministry. He will make that calling clear to her, but one thing is clear to us. The ministry she has had in our lives has been amazing!

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  1. 10/19/2009 3:08 pm

    this was great lamar. Thanks for pointing it to my attention.
    teared up a bit…good stuff.

  2. Rod Pemberton permalink
    10/26/2009 11:22 am

    Wow. CHBC sure does miss you Lamar. I’m planning on using your blog’s as a daily read for my devotions as a kick in my pants. You and your wife must be very proud of your daughter.
    God Bless and take care.
    Rod Pemberton
    chapel hills baptist church: Colo Springs, CO.

  3. 11/02/2009 8:41 am

    I LOVE this story! I so remember her as a baby and all that you guys went through. What a testimony she (and your family) is! I am glad you wrote about it.
    Karla Smith

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