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Five Things I Learned From Rick Warren


I was very fortunate to be able to serve on staff with Rick Warren at Saddleback. Rick taught me, as he has millions of us, to totally rethink how we do ministry, especially as it relates to reaching the unchurched. Here are 5 of the things he taught me:

1. MAKE YOURSELF THINK LIKE A LOST PERSON. When we do this, we will understand why the lost don’t come to our churches and why most of those who do, don’t come back. This takes real effort once you have been a believer for any length of time.

2. SHOOT WITH A RIFLE, NOT A SHOTGUN. If you are planning an event to reach the lost, plan it for the lost. If it is an event for your core, it doesn’t need to be evangelistic. The first step in this concept is know your people. Who make up your core, committed, congregation, crowd, and community. Be strategic in all you do. You will be more effective.

3. BE SIMPLE. It is much harder to preach a simple message than it is to be so complicated that people think you are are smart because you confuse them. The goal is for them to understand the Gospel, not to be impressed with your cleverness.

4. BE A SERVANT. My first Sunday at Saddleback I saw Rick helping the setup team get the gym ready for the Sunday services. He was always the first to help a volunteer or come to the aid of a staff member who needed a hand. He is a true servant leader!

5. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WRITING A BOOK. No one will ever buy it. Develop a cassette ministry. Since I was the Student Minister, low man on the salary totem pole, Rick was encouraging me to develop some additional income. No one is Right 100% of time.

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