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Volunteer Appreciation


The following was written for an appreciation banquet for the volunteers of Celebration Church in Georgetown, Texas by RIAN SLAY. The admission to the banquet was for each volunteer to wear a hat.
The staff presented the following:


Elizabeth: To the Diaper Changer,
To the bucket passer,
To the button pusher

Rian: The youth leader, the baby rocker,
Cd duplicator and the book store worker

Elizabeth: To the seat finder, the coffee-maker,
Pastor protector and the checker-inner,

Amy: To the camp counselor, the choir director,
The phone caller and the snack maker

Brooke: To the one who sings and the one who strums,
The one who plays and the one who drums

Greg: To the one who sets up chairs,
And the one who sends up prayers,

Grisel: To the ones who cut and fold and count,

Stacy: And who hand those little booklets out.

Rian: This is to the ones who are here more then they are at home,
When we call you still pick up the phone,
Even though you know we’re about to ask,
If you can handle one more task.

Mark: Who calm the crying child,
And greet with a smile
Always willing to walk the extra mile.

Elizabeth: To those who pick up trash and park the cars.
Who go any distance, no matter how far.

Greg: You make sure the speaker is heard,
And that we know all the words.

Ernesto: And when we forget our Bible,
Never fear-our faithful IMAG person is here.

Brooke: You come early,

Grisel: You stay late,

Brooke: You give, you plan,

Grisel: You listen and pray

Elizabeth: You’re love for teens, they never doubt

Amy: And with the kids you jump and shout

Mark: Once a month we invade your homes,
You make sure we never feel alone

Stacy: While other kids are hanging out
At Celebration we never doubt
That we will find you up here
So here’s to our Action volunteers

Elizabeth: To the one who’s been here all along,
You keep us going,
You’ve kept us strong

Greg: And to our more recent recruits,
You keep it fresh, you keep it new

Ernesto: To the young in age and the young at hear.
Never doubt you’re a vital part.
Of what God has done, and is doing still
In Georgetown, Texas up on the Hill

Pastor Joe: For the lives you’ve changed,
For the people you’ve touched

Pastor Lori: For being here, even when it’s tough

Pastor Joe: Thank you we could never say enough

Pastor Joe and Lori: So Celebration Volunteers, for all you do

All we can say, is:


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