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The Peaceful Driven Church


Many congregations today are more interested in keeping peace in the church than in doing the things necessary to to reach the unchurched for Christ.


1. Postpones making strategic decisions until everyone is on board with the decision.

2. Refuses to kill programs that are dead and unfruitful because the person who started the program is still active in leading said program.

3. Will not remove ineffective lay leadership who are killing what could be great ministries.

4. Allows the lay leadership to blame their lack of growth on the fact they they are a mission minded church that prefers to start new churches rather than grow a mega church. Doesn’t matter that the last church they started was 20 years ago.

5. Allows small children to continually destroy their worship services for fear of making parents angry.

6. Refuses to conduct legitimate staff evaluations or to hold staff accountable.

7. Accepts a poor work ethic from their staff.

8. Allows admin assistants to determine church office hours.

9. Refuses to call lay people to a strong commitment because they are, after all, just volunteers.

10. Outside of being caught “in the act” of immorality, no staff member ever has to be worried about being fired.

11. The church budget is never increased to reflect the church’s vision, only to reflect last years receipts.

12. Every decision is left to the “will of the majority”.

13. The direction of the church is determined by committees, not the vision God gives the senior pastor and leadership.

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