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Five Essentials To Achieve Excellent Guest Services 1


[Part 1 of 3]


I enjoy going to Starbucks because I know I will be greeted by a barista who is going to make me coffee exactly the way I like it. I like to shop at Wal-Mart because I know I am going to be welcomed by a smiling face and made to feel like I made the right choice in shopping there. At my favorite restaurant, a hostess takes me to my table and then sends someone to wait on my every need.

These are examples of great service and everyone appreciates it. Great service makes people want to return to a coffee shop, store or their favorite restaurant. It’s time that churches understand the necessity of outstanding service. People who visit our worship services should leave feeling served and have a desire to return.

Our competition is not the church down the street, be it small or mega, it is the coffee shop, the restaurant and the big-box store that put major emphasis on serving their guest. A church’s guest services should work harder than any non-Kingdom entity and set the standard for excellence. Here are five essentials for achieving excellence with your guest services.

Every church needs clear guidelines for their
volunteers for crisis situations and emergencies.

Essentials To Achieve Excellence:

1. CLEARLY ESTABLISHED POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: It’s amazing how few churches have taken the time to actually think through and write out policies and procedures for their volunteers. How can we expect our volunteers to be effective in carrying out their responsibilities if they do not know what is expected of them? If a baby is crying in a worship service and an usher is called on to deal with the situation, how can he respond if he or she has not been trained in the church’s policy concerning children in the worship services?

A church will spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of staff hours in preparing for what is arguably the most important hour or hours of the week in the life of the church, the weekend worship. These efforts can be totally destroyed because an usher has not been properly trained in how to enforce the church’s policy dealing with a disturbance in the worship service.

Recently, shootings in churches have drawn front-page coverage month after month. Every church needs clear guidelines for their volunteers for crisis situations and emergencies. It is not a matter of “if” a crisis is going to occur, the question is when. Churches need to be prepared. The first step in having guest services that operate with excellence is to have clear expectations of your volunteers.

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